Wildlife Photography © Ian Savage 2009 - 2018
Two Collared Doves resting on an Apple Blossom branch
A male Sparrow on a feeder
A female Sparrow sat on a branch
A Great Tit feeding
A Bee hovering above a pink and yellow flower
A Red Kite on the wing
A Magpie sat on a water feeder with its mouth open
A prairie dog looking over a branch
Bird sat on a branch
A pale green insect on the side of a bird bath
A bee on a yellow flower
Lioness looking away from the camera
A ram on a hill side
A swan swimming up to the camera
A Ladybird on a blue flower
Wildlife at Slimbridge
A female Sparrow on a seed feeder with a seed in its mouth
A Robin on a water feeder with a water droplet in the air