Military Photography © Ian Savage 2009 - 2019
RAF BBMF Hurricane banking
F15E low down in the Mach Loop
F18 Hornet creating spluff
Canadian F18 Hornet in blue paint scheme
F16 Solo Turk banking creating spluff
Italian display team converging
F16 Solo Turk creating smoke swirls
Two Vampires in formation
F15E banking away at the Mach Loop
RAF BBMF Spitfire
RAF BBMF Spitfire
Nine Eurofighter Typhoons in formation
Avro Lancaster, Tornado and F35 Lightning in formation
F35 Lightning hovering above trees
First World War fighter trailing smoke
F15E banking in the Mach Loop
F16 upside down trailing smoke
F16 creating smoke spirals as it dives
F15E making a low pass in the Mach Loop
F15E banking in the Mach Loop with vapour streams coming from its wing tips