Military Photography © Ian Savage 2009 - 2018
RAF BBMF Lancaster and Hurricane
Close up of RAF BBMF Lancaster cockpit in flight
Strikemaster taking off at Abingdon
Strikemaster leaving Abingdon
Strikemaster banking at Abingdon trailing white smoke
Spitfire diving at Abingdon
Spitfire banking to the right
Catalina Flying Boat banking to the left at Abingdon
Catalina Flying Boat
Tornado GR4 at the Mach Loop
Two Eurofighter Typhoons at the Mach Loop
Close up of a Eurofighter Typhoon pilot at the Mach Loop
P47 Thunderbolt at the Midlands Air Festival
Westland Wasp helicopter
P51D painted with a sharks mouth on the underside of its nose
Incoming Strikemaster trailing white smoke
Strikemaster banking in
Catalina Flying Boat
Great War Display Team avoiding flak
Harvard Trainer